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How We Discovered a Cancerous Brain Tumor

This is my sons story about how his recent visit to the optometrist turned into the discovery of a cancerous brain tumor.

Anthony Cox Jr. began experiencing headaches during the summer of 2014.  We first took him to our family dentist because he grinds his teeth at night, I was referred to an orthodontist and told he would need a retainer. 

In the meantime, I took him to our optometrist, Dr. K at Eagle Vision to get checked for glasses.  Dr. K saw swelling behind the nerves of both of his eyes. She recommended that we got to our local hospital for an MRI.  The MRI revealed a big mass on our son's brain.  That night we were Medflighted over 200 miles away to Children's Hospital Oakland. 

Anthony had a 16 hour surgery to remove the tumor from his brain.  We learned the following week from the pathologist that the tumor is a choroid plexus carcinoma, which is cancerous and has a 100% of growing again, with the chance of being in-operable.  He is undergoing chemo monthly in Oakland with possible radiation to hopefully get rid of any other cancel cells that may have spread. 

A donation account has been set up for Anthony Jr's out of pocket medical and traveling expenses.  If you have any additional questions for me I can be reached via return email or my cell 775-546-3269