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Home » News » The newest model of the latest technology in eye care ” Optomap California” is here!

The newest model of the latest technology in eye care ” Optomap California” is here!

                  Farnaz Khankhanian, OD

logo                  3790 Hwy 395 South, Ste 407

                  Carson City, NV 89705

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We are pleased to inform you that we have acquired the newest model, of most sophisticated technology in eye care optomap®.   The optomap is a tool that assists us in the evaluation of your retina. With the optomap we can discover any abnormalities or confirm the health of your retina, diagnose any potentially harmful diseases, and if necessary, determine the best course of action.

In our continued efforts to bring the most advanced technology available to our patients, we provide Digital Retinal Imaging as an integral part of your eye exam today.  Previously, dilation of the eyes was the only way to screen for many conditions such as Diabetes, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma,  Hypertension and others.  opto

 Digital Retinal Imaging Provides:

  • An eye wellness scan
  • An in depth view of the retinal and nervous tissue in the eye (where disease can start)
  • The ability to review your retinal imaging with your doctor during your exam
  • An annual, permanent record for your medical file, which gives your doctor comparisons for tracking and diagnosis of potential eye disease

Vision insurance plans typically do not cover any advanced imaging technology as part of a comprehensive eye examination, but we will provide this service to our patients during an annual visit at no additional charge. Dr. Khankhanian will review the images with you, explain any relevant findings and make further recommendations if necessary.  We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!