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Located in Carson City at 3790 Hwy 395 S. Suite 407On Topsy Ln, Near Trader Joe’s

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Daily Contact Lenses

We carry all daily contact lenses. Dr. K's preferences are:
  • AcuvueMoistAstigPackAcuvue 1-day Moist – sphere and for astigmatism,
  • Ciba AquaComfort Plus – sphere, astigmatism and multifocal dailies
  • Ciba Focus Dailies – sphere and astigmatism
Dr. Khankhanian on dailies lenses: "I would recommend dailies for patients who wear contact lenses intermittently, for sports, teenagers and college students, patients who travel a lot, and patients suffering from dry eyes. They are definitely healthier for the eyes with no protein deposits and residue build up to worry about. Putting in a fresh new pair of contact lenses everyday gives patients the benefit of surface moisture treatment on the lens. Reusing the same lens depletes the lens of that moisture surface treatment. The other advantages are the convenience of having many more contact lenses, not using solutions and develop galleries to the solution preservatives."

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