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Protecting Your Eyes Against The Winter Sun

It's official! Winter is here, which means in some areas stinging winds and frigid rains and sometimes snow aren't far behind. You would never even think of leaving the house without a jacket in cooler weather, however unfortunately, a lot of people leave their sunglasses behind. While the sun isn't always our first concern when we are venturing out to the frigid winter climate, the sun is still shining down in colder climates, and sometimes can be even stronger.

If you frequent an area with snow, it is wise to be extra careful. Particularly following a serious snow, the blanket of snow covering the world around you, actually intensifies the reflection of the sun. In fact, in many cases it can downright hurt your eyes when you first leave the house following a fresh snow. The UV exposure that many of us are so careful in avoiding during the summer months may actually be more dangerous during the colder season because it reflects off the snow or ice, resulting in double exposure. This is why a proper pair of sunglasses is a crucial part of your winter attire.

While it's important to feel great in your sunglasses, the most important part of deciding upon a pair of sunglasses is making sure they provide adequate protection against UV. Make certain your sunglasses block 100 percent of UV light by checking for an indication that they block all light up to 400 nanometers - UV400. The good news is proper sun protection doesn't have to cost a lot. Many of the more reasonably priced options exist that still provide full ultraviolet protection.

Another important feature in picking the right sun wear is size. You want to make sure your glasses cover as much of the area around your eyes as possible. The more coverage you have, the less harmful UV rays will be able to enter. Lenses that wrap around the temples will also keep harmful rays from sneaking in from the sides.

For the skiers or snowboarders out there, it’s important to be aware that the sun's radiation is stronger at peak heights, so be even more cautious to guard your eyes on the slopes. For additional protection put on a wide brimmed hat that covers your eyes.

This winter, stay warm and keep your eyes safe! Don't forget to wear your shades.


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